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Dr Louise Lecuna

Horizon Health is the brainchild of Dr Louise Lecuna DC. Louise has a passion for health and wellness and is an advocate for women’s health and natural living. Louise started Horizon Health so that it could be a centre where people could come to be cared for in all aspects of their health and well-being. Horizon Health not only looks at a person’s physical health but also helps people overcome emotional challenges that may be holding them from moving forward. At Horizon Health a person’s health is viewed from a holistic perspective and with the view of prevention rather than treating a symptom.


about Louise…


I have always enjoyed keeping fit and being healthy. My intention with Horizon Health is to provide the best service possible and help others experience optimal health.


At the age of seven I was diagnosed with ADHD along with my entire family. There were many things that changed in my life overnight. We got rid of all food that contained artificial colour, flavour, preservative and large amounts of salicylates. We also eliminated harmful chemicals in our home. We used non-fluoridated herbal toothpaste and non-fluoridated water as my youngest sister was very sensitive to fluoride. I had no idea the impact that this would have on my life.


By eliminating all these foods and harmful chemicals my concentration improved and as I also was afflicted with “Irritable Bowel Syndrome” this disappeared as well. I knew that doing something in the health field was a path that I wanted to pursue.


I studied first as an Accountant but knew very early on that this was not my purpose. I went and lived in England with my husband Marcelo, working in different Investment Banks. I had the opportunity to be a patient of a Chiropractor who told me that I had such a great knowledge about the body and an interest in health and wellness that I should consider doing Chiropractic. I had seen Chiropractors since I was seven who helped me achieve great results and loved how I felt after every adjustment. So it was such a natural transition. I graduated from Macquarie University in 2004 with a Masters in Chiropractic. My approach is holistic looking at all areas of ones being. Whether it be Physical, Emotional, Chemical, Mental or Metaphysical.


After being invited to speak at a NSW Parliamentary enquiry into the overuse of drugs for treating children with ADHD, I knew that I had to tell my story. Some of the horror stories that I heard made me realise that my Mum made the right decision not to use drugs 30 years ago.


I am looking forward to imparting my knowledge and helping children, teenagers and adults experience happier and healthier lives now and for generations to come. It is definitely a process and not a “quick fix” or a “magic pill” but it is well worth the effort. I look forward to meeting and helping you along the journey to great health.

 Our Team

Dr Louise Lecuna DC

Dr Louise has a passion for natural health care and natural living

 HOT News

Women’s Health

Many women today find themselves to be “Infertile” and wanting to have a baby


When a woman decides that she wants to have a baby and be a Mum it is not always as straightforward as making the decision, taking the “action” and wham … it’s done! Falling pregnant does not always occur easily and many women, and men for that matter, find they have challenges.


If you are one of these women or men and are considering holistic alternative methods to conception, birth and beyond then you have come to the right place. At Horizon Health we are focused on holistic health, this means that we are here to help people that want to achieve overall better health which encompasses the mind, body and spirit.


It was four years ago that a woman and her husband made the decision to have a baby. They thought that it would be easy to fall pregnant. Granted they were not in their twenties but still, they were very healthy and fit people. They ate organically when possible and had eliminated harmful chemicals in their household. They were so ready to be parents to a little miracle. Little did they know, though, that they were going to be told that they had “Unexplained Infertility”. They sought the help of many different non-medical professionals who made their journey to parenthood a success. So, on the 29th June 2010 a beautiful baby boy named Nicolas Alessandro was born.


Hi, my name is Louise Lecuna and this is actually my story. I am a Chiropractor, author and a very proud Mum. Not only is pre and post-natal care of interest to me, I also have a family history of ADHD or “hyperactivity” as it was called when I was diagnosed. So, helping women, children and their families gain optimal health is my “passion”. I have learnt so much from my experience that all I want to do is share it with as many people as I possibly can and help them have their “little miracle”.


If you would like us to personally assist you with dealing with your or your family’s health challenges please call us on (02) 9712 7910 to make an appointment, make an appointment yourself via the ‘Appointments’ page, email us at or by going to our contact page.

Free Resources

Safety Conscious Products

Horizon Health’s view of holistic health embraces the use of safety conscious products. ‘Safety Conscious’ means products that are free from potentially harmful ingredients such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. We are distributors of a large range of personal care, household, nutritional and car care products that are not harmful to our bodies or our environment.

To view the vast selection of available products please click the ‘Safety Conscious Products’ link above.


Feingold Plan

Dr Feingold was an Amercian Paediatrician and Allergy specialist. Over fifty years ago he devised an eating plan and lifestyle change to improve peoples health. He discovered that by eliminating such foods containing artificial colouring, flavouring, preservatives and salicylates along with synthetic chemicals and fragrances that peoples allergies and behaviour improved. This is the plan that my family followed. It completely eliminated our diagnosis of “hyperactivity”, my irritable bowel syndrome and my sister’s chronic asthma.



Rowie’s Cakes is an allergy free bakery. At Rowie’s they bake their beautiful delicious and healthy cakes, biscuits and treats in a wheat, yeast, dairy and gluten free environment. They are “pioneers in innovating taste; making it possible for the allergic to enjoy naughty and indulgent cakes, desserts, bikkies and treats”. Rowie and her team are very friendly and very personable always having a lovely experience when you enter their bakery in Alexandria. We are avoiding eggs at the moment and they are happy to accommodate. They also will do sugar free on request. Let us know what you think when you try. Enjoy!


About Life

About Life is a natural marketplace that has over 15,000 product lines to choose from. There are stores located at Rozelle in Sydney’s Inner West and Bondi Junction.


Pregnancy Birth and Beyond

The woman behind this great business is Jane Palmer. She is a private midwife, lactation consultant, author and Mum. Her true love is Home-births giving expectant Mums a choice of what is most comfortable and appropriate for them. She holds parenting support groups monthly which allows like minded parents to come along and chat in an informal group about many different topics.


Foodies Organic Grocer

Foodies is owned and operated by husband and wife team Lachlan and Nerida. They have a stall at Leichhardt Organic Markets held Saturday’s at Orange Grove Public School and a Warehouse at Mortdale in Sydney’s South.


Honest to Goodness Organic Food Supplier

Honest to Goodness is a certified organic company that supplies dried foods that contain no artificial colouring, flavouring, preservatives, no GMO, no trans fats and no Sulfur Dioxide. They do stock a wide variety of fruits, legumes, flours and more. Eventhough there may be some fruits that need to be avoided, like sultanas and berries, there are still a wide range of safe foods available for healthy snacks.

What is ADHD / ADD?

ADHD / ADD or hyperactivity is a common behavioural and learning disorder. The causes of hyperactivity are not purely defined however, environmental toxins, synthetic and natural chemicals, food additives, natural salicylates, food allergy or intolerances, lead poisoning, hypoglycemia, minimal brain damage at birth, Intestinal Candida infection (passed on to child at birth) and drug reactions to name a few are all potential causes.


The instance in boys to girls according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 1998 was 19% or 1 in 5 boys were diagnosed with ADHD / ADD compared to 7% or 1 in 14 girls. The following chart shows a comparison of certain conditions between girls and boys.



ADHD / ADD or Hyperactivity may create difficulties with speech, hearing, balance and hand-eye coordination. Overactivity may begin in the womb. In babies and toddlers signs and symptoms include head banging, cot rocking, colic, prolonged bouts of crying and screaming, general restlessness, increased thirst and production of large amounts of saliva. Children are often slow to crawl, excitable and often burst into tantrums if demands are not instantly met. Children also seem to want to run everywhere and even walk on their toes. Remember, that if you are breastfeeding everything passes through your milk to the baby.


You do not need a diagnosis of ADHD / ADD, Hyperactivity or anything else to do something about it. Make an informed decision by contacting us to book a consultation or buy our eBook and take positive steps to manage your or your family’s ADHD / ADD naturally.

Articles & News

“World Health Organisation report suggests we are being poisoned by everyday life”

Chemicals found in every home across the world may cause breast cancer, asthma, infertility and birth defects, ADHD, ADD and more and more says global health chiefs. ( read more…


“Act earlier on autism, scientists say”

One in 100 Australian children are diagnosed with the autism which causes social, communication, sensory and behavioural issues. Findings recently released are now saying it is important to screen for the condition around 14 months. ( read more…


“Harmless Procedure” Can Cause Narcolepsy, Muscle Weakness

Studies have shown that certain flu vaccines can cause narcolepsy and muscle weakness. It is important when making decisions for your health to read the literature and research that backs the efficacy of these drugs you are putting into your body. Our body has its own defence mechanisms. With the right nutrition and healthy living you never have to have a vaccine at all. (The World’s #1 Natural Health Website) read more…


ADHD pesticide link confirmed

A recent American study has revealed that exposure to pesticides during pregnancy can lead to attention deficit related conditions in children, especially boys aged five years. These pesticides, Organophoshates (OP) are commonly used in Australian agriculture. OP pesticides act by disrupting neurotransmitters, particularly acetylcholine, which plays an important role in sustaining attention and short-term memory. “OP pesticides are widely used in Australian agriculture, and all are known to be neurologically active,” University of NSW Professor of Toxicology Chris Winder said.

Prof Winder said a child’s brain started development early in pregnancy and continued even after the birth, and so it was “not surprising that symptoms of pre-school ADHD arise in children known to be associated with pesticide exposure during the prenatal period”. ( read more…


Paracetamol linked to asthma in children

A recent study has shown a link to continued use of paracetamol in infants under 15 months can cause asthma and other allergies. “Researchers at University of Otago Wellington were not sure why and said they needed clinical trials to further look at any associations. The study also found that by age six, 95 per cent of children were using paracetamol, significantly increasing the risk of asthma and wheeze”.

Paracetamol is broken down by the liver and if there is a continued toxic overload of this drug it can cause the liver to malfunction leading to allergies and other sensitivities. (Breaking News, November 2010) read more…


Medication not first option to beat ADHD

Recent Australian Government draft guidelines have turned around 1997 guidelines which recommended that children be medicated to treat ADHD as a first option. This will give parents an opportunity to look at other options when their children have been diagnosed with ADHD. (Courier Mail, November 2009) read more…


Hyperkenesis (overactive restlessness) and Learning Disabilities Linked to Ingestion of Artificial Food Colours and Flavours

Artificial colours and flavours have the capacity to induce adverse reactions affecting every organ system of the body. The nervous system involvement as evidenced by behavioural disturbances and learning disabilities, is the most frequently encountered and most critical, affecting millions of people in the United States alone. (Dr Feingold, November 1976) read more…

Note: Article is a 5Mb PDF file. To save to your computer, right-click on “read more…” and select “Save As”


Earliest Exposures

A developing fetus is exposed to toxic chemicals on a continuous basis. Many of these harmful chemicals are found in the products we use daily. These chemicals have been known to cause behavioural impairment. It is important for us to use safer alternatives to give our children a better start. (written by Erika Schreder, Staff Scientist, Washington Toxics Coalition, 2009) read more…


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