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Hello everyone Welcome to my Mummy blog. I thought that I would begin by saying, “what a day”? My son is just 2 and we went on an outing to the ¬†Sydney Opera House. It was a beautiful day in Sydney and we went with our neighbours and their 3 year old daughter. ¬†We arrived and everything was great. The Opera House had some activities for kids to do before they went in for the Nursery Rhyme Time. My son thought this was great and was having a lot of fun until I had to take him to the toilet and then into the studio for the mini concert. Well this did not go down well and he cried and cried and cried. He was crying uncontrollably with tears streaming down his face. I had to remove him from the hall and wait until his sobs were at a minimal. We went back in and he was okay for a little while so we decided to try sitting with the rest of the kids in the general area. He was doing really well until he decided that he wanted to be on stage and shine like the star that he is. When he went up the stairs to get on the stage the look on his face was priceless. Unfortunately the usher was not as enthusiastic as my 2 year old and swiftly removed my son from the stage much to his horror. The uncontrollable crying started once again so mummy called daddy and we went home which allowed him to calm down and mummy to try to be calm as well. No one tells you or prepares you for these moments but these moments help mummy and child grow and realise that these moments are okay and not to beat up on yourself thinking that you are not a good parent. It was a good day in the end but I think that until he gets a bit older it is not a good idea to take him along to organised group outings.

Have a great evening

Mummy Lou


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